In a hurry? Brian Lambert has reinvented himself more times than he can count, but his current indie-rock sound has been heavily influenced by a constantly evolving and rotating list of artists including Gang of Youths, the Replacements, and Spoon. He used to play gigs all over the DFW metroplex, and after completing the 52 Music Production challenge he now also produces a wide variety of music projects including The Star Crumbles and Jr. Mozley Collective.

Trying to kill some time? Let’s get reflective and keep reading below: 

What is a music bio even?  Why do artists pretend they are someone else writing about themselves?  For some listeners, it's a way to find out what to expect musically.  So let me try to answer that question for you.  My music definitely has some aspects of older rock and roll. I really like bands like the Replacements, Spoon, and recently I really love this band from Australia, Gang of Youths, you should really check them out. I love music. Love, love, love it.  While I’m writing this I am listening to Starcrawler and this past weekend I listened to Jimmy Eat World, Centro-matic, a playlist of Amapiano, and Postal Service.  So if you know those bands that’s the direction things are taking at the moment. My musical taste is an ever-evolving love affair and adventure. I love discovering new artists and sharing my love of music with friends. 

For a period of time, I attempted to reinvent myself as a country dude. I love country music storytelling from the 50’s-80’s, I mean come... on Dolly Parton is amazing and the music is dope. You will find that music in this catalogue with the pictures (and cowboy hat)  to prove it, but in the end it wasn’t me. My heart beats to a 4/4 beat of a kick drum thundering away the walls that hold your soul locked inside and only the sounds of an electric guitar break that final layer and set your spirit free. But I digress… 

If you have come to get a sense of my musical accomplishments, I have played a lot of shows with a lot of different amazing musicians and accomplished artists. Grammy-winners and all that kind of biz. My music has been played all over the world on radio, and with dozens of magazine features and blog posts written about me over the years.  If you are really curious you can go to the page on my website that offers these bonavides that some people find important for establishing that you are “someone”.   Honestly, all that stuff is cool and having a career in music is “important”, but all I really care about is how the music makes you feel when it comes out of your speakers.   If I’m doing what I set out to do and the music hits you then the rest will come out in the wash.   

Right now, I am releasing a song every week on Thursdays for a year with album collections coming out periodically. 

Thank you if you read this far.   I hope that this was a mildly entertaining, as well as informative auto-bio.  Please enjoy the music and be excellent to yourself.

...big-hearted indie rock reflects an impeccably crafted blend of eclectic interests. ” - Marc Schuster


...Lambert’s taken a step back to reshape at his own style, leading him to cozy up more to the likes of Grimes and Spoon than to the classic country folk acts he’s historically been compared to. That’s not to say that Lambert doesn’t still carry the standing of songwriters like Ol’ Hank and Dylan, but this new undertaking of indie rock is undeniably refreshing to hear, especially in this year of surprises and hard left turns. ” - Jack Anderson


Immediately upon pressing play on the song, it’s clear that “Ready To Begin” represents a significant step into indie rock for the performer, reminding us of the days when Death Cab for Cutie still made memorable music, circa 2000 to 2015. But, to paraphrase an infamous line from The O.C. about Death Cab, this song is not simply one guitar and a whole lot of complaining. Pretty far from it, actually. In fact, it’s all about embarking a new start without complaining.” - Eric Grubbs

Central Track

Honing his craft Lambert - who has been compared to such artists as Tom Petty and Hank Williams - has been finding inspiration and writing songs since he was a teenager. Now, his blend of country, folk and rock has made him a fixture on the Texas music scene.” - Jessica De Leon

Denton County Magazine

With Country Music Jesus, Lambert pairs memorable melodies with relatable stories of relationships, heartache, and life experiences with which you’ll connect.”

The Daily Country

...the love child of Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams. ”

The Dentonite