Stepping out loud and proud, Brian Lambert hits 2021 with a refreshing blast of rock and roll goodness.   “Don’t Wanna Be” comes roaring from the start to wake you from any quarantine indolence that may still be clinging to you.   Is this a political song? Simply the tale of a relationship that has run its course?   The writer won’t say and leaves it to your discretion to form your own opinions.  “Don’t Wanna Be” pushes the bounds of previous his expectations.  This music is rock and roll intending to be a battering ram for the soul.


Always striving to cut back the layers to arrive at honesty in his art, Brian has searched for a home in his recorded work.  “ No matter how many times I would tell myself to be myself, I always felt that on some level I was just trying to fit in.”  Forced by the global pandemic to step away from live performance, Brian clung to music, a life preserver.  The dramatic change in situation caused a reevaluation and deconstruction of everything he had previously done.  


Residing in Denton, Texas, Brian has performed over 150 shows a year honing his craft in front of thousands in venues ranging from juke joints to wine bars .  Known for his internationally played light hearted sports anthems “The Ballad of Tony Romo” and “Kawhi Leonard is a Bad Bad Man”.   His previous two albums “Country Music Jesus” and “Before This” emphasized a roots and Americana style that was influenced by Texas music, a product of the live music scene of which he was a part.


Absent due to Covid-19 he has embraced his life long love of indie rock influenced by such acts as Spoon, Grimes and The Districts.   The change stylistically feels like coming home.   The first evidence is his “sad for the holidays” reimagining of “All I Want For Christmas Is A Brand New Start”.    A song speaking to the fear, loneliness and isolation of 2020 and the hope for a fresh start.  “All I Want For Christmas Is a Brand New Start” is stark and dark indie rock, yearning for new beginnings.  The hymn resonated with the public and was featured on KUTX Song of the Day.   Brian continues his journey into honesty, hoping that raw rock and roll still has something relevant to say about today’s culture.

...Lambert’s taken a step back to reshape at his own style, leading him to cozy up more to the likes of Grimes and Spoon than to the classic country folk acts he’s historically been compared to. That’s not to say that Lambert doesn’t still carry the standing of songwriters like Ol’ Hank and Dylan, but this new undertaking of indie rock is undeniably refreshing to hear, especially in this year of surprises and hard left turns. ” - Jack Anderson


Immediately upon pressing play on the song, it’s clear that “Ready To Begin” represents a significant step into indie rock for the performer, reminding us of the days when Death Cab for Cutie still made memorable music, circa 2000 to 2015. But, to paraphrase an infamous line from The O.C. about Death Cab, this song is not simply one guitar and a whole lot of complaining. Pretty far from it, actually. In fact, it’s all about embarking a new start without complaining.” - Eric Grubbs

Central Track

Honing his craft Lambert - who has been compared to such artists as Tom Petty and Hank Williams - has been finding inspiration and writing songs since he was a teenager. Now, his blend of country, folk and rock has made him a fixture on the Texas music scene.” - Jessica De Leon

Denton County Magazine

With Country Music Jesus, Lambert pairs memorable melodies with relatable stories of relationships, heartache, and life experiences with which you’ll connect.”

The Daily Country

...the love child of Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams. ”

The Dentonite